Hearn in charitable mood after his victory Story by Racine Journal Times sports staff: 5/13/13

Hearn in charitable mood after his victory 
Story by Racine Journal Times sports staff: 5/13/13

John Hearn started a feel- good chain reaction Sunday afternoon.
Just after winning the Super Seniors Division of the 11th Annual Hope Safehouse Match Game Tournament at Castle Lanes, Hearn donated half of his $200 winner’s check to the sponsor. But that was just the start. Frank Michalowski, who finished fifth, was inspired enough to add $20 to his $80 check to match Hearn’s contribution. Shaunte Stills, who finished second, donated his entire $100 check. Rick Riemer, who was third, donated $20. And Bill Lister, who was sixth, donated $75. “I actually got a little misty- eyed,” tournament director Phil Ontko said. “I wasn’t expecting that at all. That was just true sportsmanship.” For Hearn, the care of animals — which is the mission of Safehouse, was dear to his heart. “I had read the story where a lot of the dogs here had been brought from Kentucky when they had a problem down there,” said the 66-year-old Hearn, who retired last June. “I just felt that, ‘I got $200, I gave $100 of that and I paid $50 to get in, so I still won $50.’ “I just think it’s a great cause. Phil does a lot for the bowlers and I know he appreciated what I did. So I’m happy about that.” Hearn, who bowled his first two career 300 games this season, made a statement from the start. He opened with games of 244 and 266 and finished with a five-game total of 1,328. With 120 bonus pins, Hearn had a total of 1,448 — 18 pins more than Stills. “I had a great start,” Hearn said. “I had a good jump on the rest of the guys and, actually, I think that was the key to me winning the whole thing.” Stills came on strongly in his last game, bowling a 248 that gave him a five-block total of 1,280. His 150 bonus pins gave him a total of 1,430 and moved him past Riemer (1,411) for second place. Ron Sommer (1,283) was fourth, followed by Michalowski (1,238) and Lister (1,156). It was the second Super Seniors championship for Hearn, who rallied to win in 2010. “I’m really happy,” he said. “The competition, especially with the five other bowlers today, was great competition and I feel honored to beat those guys. “Each and every one of them are good enough bowlers to win the thing. I just happened to get lucky.”

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