The STORM Champion of Champions May 6th Racine Wisconsin.

The Championship match featured the Zagars VS Belanger painting.
The Zagars team was crowned Castle’s Champion of Champions.


24-teams bowled 3-games with handicap pins. The top two teams after-3 bowled one more game to determine this years Champions.
(Listed top-3 teams scratch totals)


1st Zagars 3664: Dustin Vasey 706, Mason Petrin 658, Riley Smith 855, Kyle Zagar 728 & Ryan Zagar 684.


2nd Belanger Painting 3625: Woody Woodward 633, Chris Miller 437, Tammy Falk 690, Lisa Woodward 598 & Shelly Belanger 604


3rd Coasters 3586: Chris Simon 696, Mike Anderson 758, DJ Daams 536, Justin Riekena 533, Dylan Sucharda 685

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